Who We Are

Pocons Co. Ltd is a worldwide leader in engineering and manufacturing of Shield Can Clips, Shield Cans, SMD Pan Nuts, RF Cable Clips, Contact Terminals and Precision Stamping Products. Through the years Pocons has earned worldwide recognition in EMI and RFI shielding components engineering and manufacturing excellence serving the mobile and automotive industries. 

Our History

Pocons was founded in 2006 as a preferred supplier of precision EMI and RFI shielding components to the major Korean mobile manufacturer. Patent application for Shield Can Clip was filed in 2007. China subsidiary for marketing and manufacturing was established in 2008. Hong Kong office opened in 2010. Pocons was selected to the Korea’s 100 strong enterprises list and opened a manufacturing facility in Vietnam in 2011.  WooJu Plating was added to the Pocons family in 2012.